Mayan Fine Dust Mask 4 Layers 3D PM2.5 Made in VietNam 1PACK of 5PCS (White)


N95 according to US standards (BFE 99, PFE 95)

MayAn ‘3d mask

MayAn 3D Mask pm 2.5 MEDI N95 filter

5 bags of MayAn’s 3D Mask pm 2.5 MEDI masks

– 4 times more protection

– N95 filter according to American standards; Filter dust, polluted air (SO2, CO2, CO, H2S, … from cars, motorbikes emissions)

– Prevent> 99% of bacteria and viruses

Block> 95% of PM2.5 dust is dangerous, carcinogenic

UV Protection UPF 30+

Effective against dust and bacteria

– Specification: 5 pcs / 1 bag of Free Size

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