Is cooking a man’s or a woman’s job?

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When I was a child, whenever I saw my mother busy in the small kitchen, I wondered, are women born for cooking only? It’s rare for me to see my mother leave the kitchen on fire. At that time, I – a young child – thought that I was ready to eat dust once a week, to let her rest and let her do what she loved. Is cooking a man’s or a woman’s job? 

Until I was mature enough, living in an age between the process of intersecting the thought of ” housewife” and “modern woman”, I frankly talked to my mother. That I don’t want my life attached to the kitchen, I want to build a career and prove that women are not inferior to men at work. Mother just laughed: “Women in the kitchen are not simply cooking, but it is a story about sharing and keeping “the family fire.” At that time, I still did not fully understand the story of my mother.

Is cooking a man's or a woman's job? 

(Is cooking a man’s or a woman’s job?)


On a beautiful day, I asked my father, “Why did you choose her? and he said: In the old days, he chose her because he needed a worried, patient and sharing wife.” But the reason to keep father and family is that these beautiful women no one cooks like their mother and daughter. I smiled, knowing that Dad was half joking and half real. The truth is that for 25 years with my parents, my mother never refused to cook a complete meal for the family.

When the first she taught me how to cook, she said, every kitchen belongs to a woman, keeping the kitchen fire is also keeping the family fire. Never try to cook the same dish as other people, because each dish is made from the love of every woman, but the love of each family is never the same.


Is cooking a man's or a woman's job? 

(Is cooking a man’s or a woman’s job?)

And now, as an adult, I am looking forward to the moments my family will gather at 6 pm, waiting for my parents to call me to have dinner with them. And I really want to be a woman like my mom.

Because either I or my mother are typical Asian women: both can handle housework and many work in the office every day.


Is cooking a man's or a woman's job? 

(Women in Viet Nam so like cooking for the family)


I am very proud of my mother, as I believe my daughter later, will admire me the same.


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