Good Vietnamese Coffee? Have you tried yet

Good Vietnamese Coffee
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Good Vietnamese Coffee? Have you tried yet

I don’t know since when the word coffee has become close and familiar to the Vietnamese people to the world. The bitter, rich taste, the aroma spread by the hot cup of coffee makes anyone ecstatic at times…
The beauty of coffee is perhaps its bitter taste. The bitter taste that the milk maker, no matter how hard they try, can’t get rid of it. Many people drink black coffee, sip by sip, sip by sip to enjoy the bitter taste that melts in the mouth, penetrates the tip of the tongue, numbs. Therefore, a cup of black coffee is often suitable for a quiet scene, few people, people just drink and enjoy while observing their surroundings and making their comments.
Black coffee drinkers often criticize those who belong to the school of milk coffee drinkers.
They say that people who drink milk coffee do not know how to enjoy it, ruining the bitter meaning of coffee. Broadly speaking, even those people are weak in character, shallow in thought and enjoyment. Most people use milk coffee, because it’s easy to drink and not everyone has the mood and time to enjoy it. Many people try to stimulate their tired brains with coffee, and they are forced to make a cup.
For example, the Italian Cappuchino is a type of coffee drink, creamy, full of milk foam, very fatty and rich. It didn’t become a popular drink, even now there are a lot of Cappuchino ice cream? Inherently enjoying a variety of colors is not necessarily perfect.
In fact, coffee is inherently not guilty, milk is not guilty, milk coffee is completely innocent. Those who like sweetness, those who like to put themselves in bitterness and silence, are not inherently guilty. Enjoy, who doesn’t have their own way?

What factors determine a good cup of Good Vietnamese Coffee?

Fresh, clean comes with a balance of flavors: aroma, bitterness, sourness and sweetness are the deciding factors for a good cup of coffee. Depending on the habits and preferences, the deliciousness of coffee is enjoyed and evaluated differently by each person.

The best thing for coffee addicts is to enjoy a cup of pure coffee. Good coffee must be made from clean, quality ingredients.

Processing must be professional, correct technique, especially meticulous in the coffee roasting process. This will bring out the distinctive flavor of the coffee.



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