Combo 02 boxes N23 Duyen Thi Cream Rejuvenate, whiten skin, fade melasma, reduce acne 25gr – Free shipping


N23 Duyen Thi Cream Rejuvenate whiten skin has a light cream texture that easily penetrates the skin, does not cause greasiness or clog pores.
– The skin is deeply moisturized, helping to fight skin aging very effectively.
– Helps remove dead cells, control oil and dirt deep under the skin.
– N23 cream is suitable for all skin types: Acne skin, melasma and freckles skin,…
– Version 2023 – Most suitable for use at night.
– Safe and lasting beauty

  • Brand: Duyen Thi
  • EXP: 03 years from manufacturing date
  • Storage conditions: Store at a cool place, protect from direct sunlight.