A little rambling about Vietnamese morning coffee

Vietnamese morning coffee
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A little rambling about Vietnamese morning coffee

People often enjoy an early morning cup of coffee with a music they used to love or exchange work with business partners; sometimes chatting with friends, family on holidays or the first days of dating… Coffee plays an important role in the community relationship between life and work. individual.

They can guess the personality and culture of each region through the way they make coffee and their specific drinking preferences. For example, people in the North, mainly drink filter coffee, black or brown but not very concentrated and only like to drink it hot. Central people, on the other hand, drink very strong coffee.

The bold thing here is of course not the coffee that is strong and chemically, but bold in the way it is roasted and prepared. If used in specialized language, the coffee gout of the Central people must be roasted at Full City Plus level to drink “coffee”. The common type of preparation in the Central region is to put powdered coffee into the filter and make water.

Boiled directly into a certain quantity and then brought out to customers. Some people like the feeling of waiting, watching every single drop of coffee fall into the cup before enjoying.

After the coffee drops to the last drop, mix sugar or milk and put in some ice to sit and sip.

Particularly, Southerners often prepare by wrapping coffee in large quantities in cloth bags and then cooking in a pot, then making a cup, they prefer to drink iced milk coffee rather than hot drink. This way is quite fast and convenient, suitable for the hustle and bustle life of a young city.

In the era of commodity economy, coffee from the siege method has been processed into soluble powder, effectively serving the lazy and those who lack time.

Of course, when it is in small packaging, one has to add some flavoring called “preservative”, thus inevitably reducing the relative quality.

You can use packaged instant coffee for a great Vietnamese morning coffee

(G7 Vietnamese morning coffee)

Of course, fin coffee is always more fragrant. But the difference between these two types is not everyone realizes, inherently the good, the beautiful, people enjoy the same, so it’s fun to say that the phase separates drop by drop. Cut the package into small pieces and add hot water without affecting the mass much.

A cup of Vietnamese morning coffee will help us feel more refreshed when entering a new working day. Relaxing, peaceful moments with a cup of coffee with friends and relatives on weekends will be a time for everyone to meet and share joys, happiness, worries and sorrows. by work, life … thereby helping people get closer and understand each other better.



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